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EDC X9L Reloads

Wilson EDC X9, EDC X9L Reload Drills. 1-R-1.
Wilson EDC X9, EDC X9L Reload Drills. 1-R-1.

There is no excuse for not getting quality reps in. Don’t have a holster for that gun? Mag carrier doesn’t fit? No matter. You can still present the gun properly, get a good sight picture, good trigger press, and raw-dog the reload out of your jeans. 

I got a lot out of this session with the Wilson Combat EDC X9L. For starters I have almost zero experience running a RDS on handguns. So I am getting those reps on top of getting used to a new handgun. 

But…even though the EDC X9L is a double stack 1911, it doesn’t feel like it. I am NOT saying it feels like a single stack 1911. But when you grip it, it doesn’t feel like a Glock 21 either. 

My working theory is it all comes down the magazine. Wilson built this gun around a 9mm sized tube. NOT a 45 sized tube. So when going from a single stack 1911 to the double stack Glock 21, there is moment of, “OH…this is different”. But not with the EDC X9 guns. 

If you like the grip size of the PPQ or VP guns, you will like this grip. It’s a very similar foot print. But here’s the litmus test for 1911 owners:

Double-fat guns stuck in a 1911 format ALWAYS struggle to give the user easy and comfortable access to the thumb-safety. Either the hand feels like it’s reaching around a 90 degree corner. Or the thumb comes in shallow on the safety, and the user has to tweak his hand ever so slightly towards that side to get his “1911 feeling”. 

Not with this gun. Something is up with these. And that something is good. 






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