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EDC X9L – What Would I Change

EDC X9L - What Would I do Differently?
EDC X9L - What Would I do Differently?

I have over 11,000 rounds though this pistol as of this filming. And while we are obviously VERY pleased with the Wilson Combat EDC X9L and how it runs, I would be remiss if didn’t express to the viewer some changes I would do differently if given the chance. 

Nothing earth shattering. And no criticisms of Wilson here. These feelings are more a reflection of some incorrect assumptions I brought to the table when spec’ing out the gun. While others were my ignorance in understanding Wilson’s default feature set. 

Bottom line: Everything on this list is very, very petty. And the proof of that is I am 100% unwilling to give this gun up for even a day to make these changes. 

Why? Because this gun is THE GUN and I think so highly of it, any day without it is like a day without sunshine. I know. I know. That made you giggle. But I’m kinda not kidding either. 






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