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EDC X9L – Why The Big One?

Why The Big One - Bonus
Why The Big One - Bonus EDC X9L Video.

So…some have asked why choose a 5” model of 1911 as a go-to 1911? It’s mostly personal preference, but if you must: 

  • I like how 5” models recoil. 
  • Using a plug, they can be cycled one handed on hard surfaces. 
  • The EDC X9L has a rail that still facilitates that move. I dislike extra-long dust-covers on 1911s in general. 
  • This necessitates the need for a bushing gun. X9L has this. 
  • Weapon lights don’t get as dirty on a 5” gun. 
  • 5” holsters are THE most common 1911 holster offered. 
  • But…a shorter 1911 can still fit in that holster. Think system.
  • 5” 1911s tend to have longer spring life: Not an issue with X9L however.
  • GI length 1911s are more tolerant of weak mag springs. 

And finally…sometimes preferences just come down to familiarity and taste. I have run a version of this size of gun for close to 30 years. Some people like chocolate ice cream. Others like strawberry. 

I’ve never meet anyone who actually recalls when they started liking a particular flavor of ice cream. It’s usually just, “since forever”.

For me, the 5” 1911 is my chocolate ice cream. And one this nice, reliable and 18+1 firepower? That’s like adding whip cream and a cherry on top. 







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