The John1911 Podcast

Ep115 – Glock G45 Pistol, Leader T2 Rifle, Naked Bongos

Ep115 of the John1911 Podcast is now live:

  • Freeze misses opening day.
  • Two headed deer in KY.
  • 19 Point buck taken.
  • Brownell’s HK416 Builds.
  • The G45 over the Glock 19x.
  • The Leader T2 Rifle coming back?
  • Michael Avenatti arrested.
  • Guns to defend Malibu.
  • I’ll be shooting a Glock 40 sometimes.
  • The PD ganks our targets.
  • Naked man, Bongos and Ramen.
  • Trump 2020 at Splash Montain.
  • This weeks MEME: Malibu Barbie



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