Home Podcast EP126 – Q&A – VP9 Triggers, Favorite Rifle Action, RDS a Thing?

EP126 – Q&A – VP9 Triggers, Favorite Rifle Action, RDS a Thing?

The John1911 Podcast
The John1911 Podcast

Thanks to all who submitted questions. We will open the podcast up again for questions every once in a while going forward.

300 Norma Magnum Yay or nay?

What’s your favorite rifle action?

Favorite RDS?

Favorite Brand of Scope?

350 Legend? Yes or no?

Thoughts on the Barrett MRAD for SOCOM?

When will your range be done?

How far will it go?

Where is it?

Open to the public?

Do you recommend a trainer?

Why do you always say the Mossberg 590 is weak?

Will you get a GRS Chassis from Blaser? 

Why don’t you shoot Glocks?

Why don’t you shoot 1911’s, Mr. John1911?

Are 9mm 1911’s OK?

Ashbury Precision / Sniper’s Hide Edition Rifle Thoughts?

Should I get 308 or a 6.5CM?

What do you think of the Fix from Q?

Is a 223 bolt gun worth it?

Do you shoot 300blk?

Officer Mike had a 30 caliber can for his 5.56 rifle. Why?

When will the Army switch to the 6.8?

What’s your favorite 1911?

What’s your favorite reference gun?

224 Valkyrie? Yay or nay?

Did you break the plastic bi-pod? I haven’t seen it in a while.

Do you think long range hunting is ethical?

Will you ever review a Ruger RPR?

What happened to the SCAR-16 Truck Gun?

What happened to the PTR-91 Truck Gun?

Who do I call to get my 22 kit replaced from CMMG? Do you have a phone number?

Is 338LM dead since 300NM is in use?

More shotguns.

SBR or Pistol Brace?

What’s the latest on the SIG 320? Is it safe?

What do you think of the Roland Special?

Brazilian school shooting?

Will Trump veto Red Flag laws? 

2 piece guide rod or one piece? (1911)

Will snap caps damage my guns?

Who do you recommend for VP9 trigger jobs?

Will you do more videos on your Luger P08? I know you have one. 

Thoughts on the new Aimpoint pistol RDS?

CZ P09 or P07? Why?

What’s the most reliable 10mm 1911? 

Is Hudson Manufacturing out of business?

What’s a good officer sized 1911?

Will you do a review of the SIG P365?

Can I meet you guys at Camp Perry?

What happened to the ZB26?

I need new sights for my VP9? Recommendations? 

RDS for pistols? Yay or nay?

Have you ever seen a suicide at a gun range?

Ruger Light weight commander or Springfield Range Officer compact?

Are Canick pistols good guns? My local LGS has one on sale. 

M1 Garand: 30-06 or is 308 ok?

1911: Build or buy?

Are mag-wells too big for CCW?

Q&A for next podcast: what’s your take on red dot optics for handguns? Slowly creeping into Law Enforcement. Think it stays or just a current fad? Thanks

TRS won’t slingshot.

Can you help me build a MEUSOC?

I can’t activate the safety on my 1911? Can I change it?

Of the 100’s of Singer 1911’s made, how many thousands have you seen at gun shows?

My 1911 has the old style lanyard loop. Will it hurt the value if I switch it to a recessed modern design?

My grandfather brought back a 1911 from WWII. Can you appraise it?

Why don’t you hide serial numbers of your guns?

Did you get a CMP 1911 yet?

I have a S&W 547 speed loader? Do you still need any?

My 1911 has failure to feed. What do I do?

The Ejector on 1911 cracked. Can I fix this myself?

Armend Swensen 1911? Keep it or sell it?

Solid trigger or Vedecki?

What do you think of Gun Crafter Industries 50GI 1911?

Satin chrome or stainless steel finish?

Front cocking serrations on a 1911? Do they hurt the value?

OK, my question in response to your post.

Marky, what line of work are you in that you have a front office staff and a firearms reference collection.

Should I get a Ghost Connector or a trigger job for my Glock 17?

How is Officer Mike’s G45 holding up?

Any experience with the KKM G21 Threaded Barrel?

How do you get Blue Label pricing?

My G19x shoots low? Is it me or is there a known issue?

I have a LEO trade in G22. I was thinking of converting it to 9mm? Does that work?

Where can I get a limited edition Gen 4 G22?

Thinking about stippling my G23. Do I sand it first?

My wife’s hands are too small for her Glock. Who does the best grip reduction?

Glock: Gen 4 or Gen 5?

Have you ever bought a HK LEM trigger?

My HK P7 doesn’t get hot. 

Did you buy that VP9 SK?

Will you switch to the VP9B now that it’s out?

How much is my MK23 worth?

Why not a HK P30?

What’s up with the 20 round HK Mag?

VP9 vs G19?

Is it hard to conceal a Vp9?

Who makes your VP9 AIWB holster?

Will you be getting a Vp9-L Slide?

What do you think of the USP Expert?’

What do you think of the M&P VTAC pistol?

What happened to the gun giveaways?

Zev Technologies gen3 G17. Everything is good on the gun except the trigger pull. It comes in at 5.75lb. Swapped the 2lb striker spring. Reduced the pull weight by about 1/2lb, but it caused intermittent light primer strikes. Suggestions?

What do you think of the G34 for CCW?

Kimber CDP 1911’s? Are they OK?

Danny: Ok, Question for the Podcast …. Were Qussam Type Rockets used in the attack on Israel ?  And if so,  were they supplied by Syria 🇸🇾 ?  And is Hamas and Syrian Rebels one in the same ?





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