The John1911 Podcast

Ep129 – USAF Revolvers, MSS Spies in FL, CMP Drops the Hammer

Episode 129 of the John1911 Podcast

  • USAF Dropping the M15 Revolver.
  • Chinese MSS agent arrested at Mar-a-Lago?
  • Dem staffer pleads to multiple doxing charges.
  • JSDF F-35 Jet Crashes.
  • Will the DOJ really prosecute spying on Trump?
  • Rhino poacher, killed by elephants, eaten by lions.
  • CMP prohibits re-sale of their 1911s.
  • John Boehner in the pod business.
  • The 7.6 Creedmoor Joke.
  • Bernie Sanders gives up the goods.



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