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EP87 – 45/70 Martini Returns, Line Throwing Cannons and Phantom Poopers

On this Episode of the John1911 Podcast


  • The custom 45/70 Martini-Henry returns.
  • Franklin Armory update.
  • Crazy Spiderman in NYC (Shhh…he’s not crazy)
  • Remington subsonic line: 22,22mag,9,45,300blk, 308.
  • Olympic Curlers busted for doping.
  • Anti-gunner commits NFA felony, I bet he’ll skate.
  • Freeze doesn’t want a line throwing cannon.
  • Phantom Cul-De-Sac Pooper busted in CT. You gotta see her mug shot.


Marky & Freeze

‘Shooting Guns & Having Fun”

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