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Episode 44 of the John1911 Podcast

The John1911 Podcast
The John1911 Podcast

We have made a conscious decision to not discuss politics this episode. The 3rd and final Presidential debate (2016 election) is tomorrow. Whatever happens, happens.

  • Gen. Cartwright Pleads Guilty to misleading the FBI
  • Whatever happened to that fantasy German Sniper Project?
  • Man high on LSD saves dog.
  • Freeze gets crippled magazines for hunting season.
  • Professional Trolls on FB.
  • Someone’s been stealing our podcasts!
  • Anti-Gun Person Shoots CCW Carrier.
  • A Roger’s Rangers Story that will make you cringe.


Special note: This podcast is NOW available on Youtube for those who prefer that platform. Obviously there will only be our logo for viewing, but he full audio is there.



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