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Facebook Live – Armory Chat Volume 1

Armory Chat Volume 1

So here is the deal. We did a Facebook Live video today. Honestly, it was more like a test. The plan is to every once in a while turn on the camera if we have some quiet time in the armory. Perhaps while cleaning firearms or performing mundane maintenance. But we have some concerns.

Facebook is growing to be more and more anti-gun. And I am reticent to record content (video) and just leave it there knowing one day soon, Facebook will kick us off. So…we need to keep copies for ourselves. Makes sense, right?

Well…where do we put it? Should I put the “Armory Chat” into the John1911 website feed? Or maybe post it to Youtube? Maybe start a channel on Vimeo for people to watch there? Or do all three?

The advantage of Vimeo and Youtube is the mobile app availability. It seems most people don’t watch Youtube surfing with a browser, but instead use the Youtube app. Or the Vimeo app?

Any feedback you would want to give would be most helpful. So…do I broadcast to all channels knowing the ax will fall one day? Or limit the options to places like Vimeo and try to “drive” the people there? Or publish it to Youtube and Vimeo only and skip John1911?

I’ll let you decide.








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