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Fake Iraqi AK Rifles

Practically wet it's so new and fake.

Here’s another pro-tip for the home-gamers. Buy the gun, not the story. These are not “Iraqi AK’s”, dude. They aren’t. If you buy one, do so because you like it. Not because you bought into the story. And especially DON’T PAY MORE for the story. Inevitably when you go to get rid of it, or your decedents take possession of it; the world will know you were a sucker.

There is even something wrong with these markings, but I’ll spare you that drama. When I pressed the seller about these being Iraqi, they backed off and admitted they were put togethers and new US receivers. And when pressed on the source of the parts kits, that story fell apart as well.

Maybe it’s a misunderstanding on my part? Maybe I’m dumber than a hammered rock? But the way these were represented to ME when I first walked up to the table was disingenuous as best. And they damn well know it. And to be clear, I’m really liking the re-pops of the 1903’s and the mil-surp sniper rifles. I will probably buy one. But those are not being sold as something they are not either.

How long will it be before I start seeing fake “Iraqi AK’s” being passed off at the local mom & pop gun shops? Disgusting.





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