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Fall Fashion Week: S&W 325 Thunder Ranch

S&W 325 TR - Thunder Ranch
S&W 325 TR - Thunder Ranch

The 325 is a legacy gun from my 45 ACP 1911 days. The thinking was since I am so deep into the 45 guns, it made sense to have some other guns in that caliber. 

Additionally getting to practice using the revolver manual of arms without having to stock a revolver centric caliber appealed to our logistics system. 

The result? I eventually left 45 behind and this gun has barely been shot. And I stress “barely”. 

The S&W 325 TR revolver is a cool gun. It’s well made. Custom shop specs. Scandium frame. Stainless steel barrel and cylinder. Accessory rail up front. Neat gun. But these days, I would be better served by the 8-shot (Model 327 TRR8) 357/38 variant. 

So this just sits on the wall in The Armory. One day we’ll pull it out for some videos. Lord knows we have a metric ton of 45 ammo stacked up for it. 






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