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Glock 17PM
The FBI Glock 17PM. Their version of the Glock 17P.

So…have you ever seen a factory original Glock pistol that is worth $4000? How about one that is not even a functioning firearm? Well that is what we have here. 

For those who are not aware, Glock offers a series of training Glocks to LE agencies. These are not prohibited from being owned by the public, it’s just they are not traditionally sold directly to the public. 

So…what is the 17PM? 

The 17P is a red practice pistol sold by Glock. It physically manipulates just like a regular Glock. With the exceptions that the barrel is completely plugged and the slide doesn’t have a firing pin or FP hole. Which means it can’t made to fire. 

The M marking are for the FBI guns that the GEN5 is a direct copy off. So to be clear…someone paid $4000 for a GEN5 17P (MSRP $700) because of the extra M marking on it. 

Is that worth it? To me it’s not. I suspect many of you would agree. 

At this sale price, it appears this gun is destined to disappear deep into a private collection rarely, if ever, to be seen again. 





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