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Fightlite MCR -Beltfed AR-15.
Fightlite MCR -Beltfed AR-15.

Saw this belt-fed AR rifle at the 2023 NRA show and it caught my eye. And before you swing in and tell me all the reasons why this system can’t hang with a true belt-fed, even in semi-auto, I already understand. 

But hear me out. 

As I have gotten older and more experienced in this game, I have come to recognize a business pattern. And it is this: If you are even remotely interested in some kind of weird gun, buy it now. 

And the why is simple. Stuff like this doesn’t last forever. It will either be discontinued, the company will fold, or could be outlawed.  And when that happens something that is not only stupid will become stupid & expensive. 

As an entity, the John1911 Armory runs a reference collection. So stuff like this is always on our radar. And it’s a fine balance between projects on the front-burner vs buy these while they are still relatively cheap. 

Did we buy one? No. Off the top of my head I could list 15 more projects imminently a head of this one. And if I sat down and made a list, the number of projects is probably more like 60. 

But don’t kid yourself, this goofy thing is on the list. 






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