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FNH USA Announces SCAR 17 Recall

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RSR a major US distributor to most gun shops has announced a SCAR 17 recall. It seems they have detected the possibility that 471 SCAR-17s rifles may have bolts that aren’t hardened to specification. I am not a firearm engineer, but I would guess this issue would not show up immediately, but instead over many rounds.

Seems to be SCAR-17 in FDE with the serial number range: HC52427 through HC52926

So if you have recently purchased a SCAR-17 within the serial range in question, send it in. I’m sure they’ll get it back out with a correctly treaded bolt almost immediately.

Why are we posting this? Simple. We are gun guys just like the rest of you. In the future when I purchase a SCAR-17s of my own, I want to gave a simple and easy way to look up this number to ensure I’m good.







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The Recall Notice

471 units of the recalled FN SCAR® 17S rifles were determined to have been potentially impacted by this recall. Specifications for products recalled are listed below.


ProductName: FNSCAR®17S

Model Name(s): FN SCAR® 17S FDE

Commercial Product Numbers: 98541 (Commercial; 20-rd), 98641 (Commercial; 10-rd), 98552 (LE; 20-rd)

Colors: Flat Dark Earth (FDE)

ProductSerialNumbers: HC52427through HC52926

LocationofManufacturer: Herstal,Belgium

Total Units Affected by Recall: 471

To help facilitate the timely return of recalled product, please fill out the attached Recall Questionnaire to confirm the number and disposition of FN SCAR® 17S rifles you received. Instructions for completing this questionnaire and returning recalled product are below.


1. First, please complete attached questionnaire by COB, Friday, August 12, 2016 and email or fax to:

Attention: FN SCAR® 17S Recall
Email: [email protected] Fax: 1-703-288-4507

For rifles you have sold, clearly indicate on the attached questionnaire the names, addresses and telephone numbers, if available, for all dealers that purchased the recalled rifles listed. FN America will then contact your dealers directly to inform them of the recall, provide them with instructions for returning product, and obtain customer sales information. Please forward all dealer and customer inquiries regarding the recall to FN America’s FN SCAR® 17S Recall Support team:

FN SCAR® 17S Recall Support: 1-855-536-4872, x.145 [email protected]

Hours of operation are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Eastern time, Monday through Friday

The Technical Issue For The Recall

On August 10, 2016, FN America issued a product recall of 471 FN SCAR® 17S rifles due to the possibility that certain products may have been assembled with a bolt that does not meet hardness specifications. Firing may cause catastrophic failure of the rifle over a period of time and could cause injury or death. In an effort to ensure all products covered in this recall are returned to FN America for inspection, please fill out the following information and return to FN America by COB, Friday, August 12, 2016.


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