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Geissele Super 42 H2 Buffer Test

Geissele Super 42 H@ Buffer Test
Geissele Super 42 H@ Buffer Test

OK. So it’s time to test and see of this integrally suppressed upper is over gassed. This is with the H2 buffer and it still kicks the brass forward. 

Perhaps this was a factor in Gemtech not getting the SURG contract? Who knows. Above my pay grade. But I will add this. 

Personally I don’t like fiddling with guns to make them work. It’s OK if they break and we need to fix them. But as a policy I think tinkering with guns is just another hurdle that gets in the way of being a good shooter. So given the option, I would have bought this upper from Gemtech as a complete rifle. 

Now don’t get it twisted. In no way am I mad. But look at this video objectively. How many “gun guys” go through life fiddle-farting around with their guns pretending they are getting better at shooting. Or even lie to themselves about being able to shoot to begin with? 

A lot. 

Nothing done in this video made me a better shooter when completed. Which in my book sounds a lot like wasting time. 






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