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The Glock Jet (Citation) on the tarmac.

I recently was party to a conversation where the antagonist was taking the position that anyone who “owns a jet” is somehow a selfish, asshole. Fair enough. I’m not the ultimate arbiter of selfish assholes so maybe there is something to that theory?

But it just so happened that our class-warfare weenie was wearing a Glock pistol. For the record, it was a black, GEN 4 model 17. With aftermarket night sights. I know this since he is always talking about his “Perfect Glocks” this. And his “Perfect Glocks” that.

Which is totally fine. But I just couldn’t resist! So I whipped out my phone and quickly found this image on the internet. With a wry smile I held up the screen to his eyes and said, “I know! I hate those jet-set assholes! I can’t believe you tolerate cheap, plastic sights on your Glocks just so Ole Gaston doesn’t have to fly in steerage with the rest of us”.

I lack the writing skill to convey the combination of horror (his face) and glee (my face) that was present in those few seconds of unadulterated smackdown. But I had no idea that “Making friends and influencing people” was so rewarding. Might have to look into doing more of that.

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