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Grandpa’s WWII Box

Grandpa's WWII Box
Grandpa's WWII Box: Luger, MP40, Nazi Party Flag

I found this photo on the internet. I am not sure if it’s real or just a mock-up of, “what could have been”? But isn’t this the dream many young gun-guys wonder about? What does Grandpa have from, “The War”? Personally I am aware of a few instances were an MP-40 was brought in to a local PD. And just recently a good friend of mine had a young lad show up at their station with a live WWII pineapple hand grenade! Dude carried it in!

With the passing of The Greatest Generation, grandpa’s mythical boxs’ are fading into legend. I for one am a little sad. But I always keep a watchful eye. Maybe one day the DOD rules will change regarding soldiers fighting overseas and war-trophies? I think it’s about time.



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Grandpa's WWII Box
Grandpa’s WWII Box: MP40, Luger, Nazi Party Flag
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