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Greenworks Pro 18
Greenworks Pro 18" Battery Chainsaw.

Having a gun range isn’t all about shooting guns. There’s lots of admin and upkeep. Especially on a rifle range. Even more so on a long rifle range. 

I can’t even guess how many dead ash trees we have on property. 60? 100? 200? And every time the wind blows, down they fall. It’s been a huge time suck. 

Office staff has been watching this all year. So for Christmas, they pooled their money and got me this: A Greenworks 80v battery powered chainsaw. I was truly touched, shocked and surprised. 

And…I gotta say. This thing’s got some ass behind it. Of course it’s not professional grade. Of course you can’t make your living with a battery powered chainsaw. And of course it’s useless on any tree older than about 50 years of age. We all get it. 

But on a live range day, in the freezing cold, without having to dick around with 2 stroke gas and wondering if the chainsaw will even start? It gets the job done in a hurry. 

Anything too big for this chainsaw? I’m calling the pros. 






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