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GRS Ragnarok Chassis Install

GRS Ragnarok Chassis Install
GRS Ragnarok Chassis Install. Blaser R8.

This is a step-by-step process on how to install a Blaser R8 receiver block into a GRS Ragnarok chassis. 

The only special tool you will need is a torque wrench. 

Special notes:

Torque settings:

5.5-6 n/m = 53.10 inch pounds.

Use GRS supplied washers to ensure your front action screw is sitting flush with receiver block.

If you do not? The block could flex under torque settings and cause the bolt body to bind when closing the action.

Additionally we show how to check for action bind after torque is applied.

Special thanks to Jerry and the rest of the GRS crew back in Norway for the patience in answering our questions. 






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