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Has a Dog Ever Chewed Your Gun?

Dog Chews Polymer Gun
This magwell and front strap are toast.

A member posted an image on our Facebook page showing a polymer pistol that has been chewed on by a dog. The damage was pretty significant. When I was growing up, we had guns laying around everywhere. But I don’t recall any instances where a dog (puppy?) chewed on a firearm. But we didn’t have polymer framed guns back then either.

Glock damage
This frame is toast.

A little Google-fu and it appears this type of thing is not unknown in certain circles! Who knew? Have you ever had a gun chewed up by a pet? Something to consider. I guess.

As someone who carried a 1911 professional for 12 years, I have to admit this is something I never considered. I always accepted that my 1911’s were something I had to stay on top of to keep them running. I’ve been in multiple fights and scrums while a 1911 was on my body. In one case, I went to the ground so hard (actually technically that is a “we went”) that my carry pistol was damaged enough that it was sent back to the maker for repairs.

Glock 26 Damage
Glock 26 Chewed by dog.

I have literally seen it all. Crazy stuff. Dumb stuff. Lighting-strike-no-way-that-happened stuff. But I gotta admit, this is totally new territory. Wow.

Guilty Dog
BOLO: Wanted in the deaths of 5 Glocks and 3 loafers!




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