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HK P9S Cleaning

HK P9S Initial Cleaning
HK P9S serial number.

After function testing and shooting the police trade-on P9S, it’s time to give it a cleaning. 

Certainly a unique pistol with an uncommon locking system. It uses the roller-delayed design one finds in the HK MP5 sub gun and G3 battle rifle. 

Also like our HK91/G3, it has a fluted chamber. Which I didn’t expect in a pistol. 

HK P9S Initial Cleaning
Fluted chamber. HK P9S

It breaks down into a few major parts for field stripping which is a plus for service use. 

HK P9S Initial Cleaning
HK P9S field stripped. Very manageable.

The only issue I discovered with this example is a missing screw up front. Located in the dustcover. Hope I can source a replacement on the secondary market. But I suspect that might be easer said than done. 

HK P9S Initial Cleaning
Missing screw up front in dust cover.

Summary: cool gun. Nice for the reference collection. Unique operating mechanism. Glad to have it. Especially for the price we paid. Stamp HK on the side of something, and the market gets irrational and fast. 






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