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HK VP40 FDE Factory Heinie Sights

HK VP40 with Richard Heinie Ledge Sights

I rarely go into retail gun stores these days, but a friend of mine was looking to make a road trip to buy a specific type of powder. While he was chatting up the owners, I happened to see two FDE HK pistols in the case.

Right off the bat, I think these FDE pistols looks great. I understand doesn’t make them shoot better, but in a world of Henry Ford’s Black Model-T, any change is welcome.

What was really interesting were the Heinie Straight Eight ledge sights on both the 9 and 40 FDE guns. Incidentally, our podcast listeners know that Freeze calls ledge sights, “Dick-cocking sights”. From the moniker, you can guess what he thinks about the concept.

But if you are someone who either has to shoot qualifications or teach qualifications, one handed loading and malfunction clearance drills are par for the course. Even if you never need those skills, you need to past the test.

I asked why they put the Heinie’s on the guns and was told they came from the factory this way. Go figure! I had no idea! No, I didn’t buy the pistol. I have plenty of VP’s for right now. But I’ve been looking at the 40’s…you know…just because…reasons.

HK VP40 with Richard Heinie Ledge Sights
HK VP40 with Richard Heinie Ledge Sights

40 S&W is nice for scoring major at club matches. So it’s nice to have one




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