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HK VP9 Glow in the Dark Sights: Do They Work?


As many of you are aware, I have switched to a HK VP9 as my primary carry pistol since around the the first of the year. The daily cary is a a LE Model with tritium inserts and a ledge rear. But I do have a second VP9 as a backup. Doesn’t everyone have a backup?


The backup is a standard model with the day-glow – changeable  – whatever you call them. Basically these sights are just like the toys we had as kids that needed to be exposed to light before they would “glow in the dark”.



We had someone reach out wanting to know how effective these were? It seems in the internet, some say they don’t glow brightly. His question was were they effective if you charge them as designed? The short answer is yes. They are quite bright.


Grip HK VP9
Grip HK VP9

Not advocating their use or justifying their logic. I have true night sights on my main VP9. But in a pinch, theoretically at least, these work. But logically, if I was expecting to NEED night sights, maybe I would just grab a rifle? See what I mean? In a true emergency, they could be an issue.


Unless you hate night sights to begin with?