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Hidden Heat Lace II Holster

The Hidden Heat Lace II reminded me a lot of a holster-type product I once saw in which you unzipped your fly to whip out your rod. This soft and feminine elastic lace undergarment has ample stretch that comfortably hugs a woman’s curves while offering gentle tummy control. There’s a generous 5″ pocket that holds a wide variety of handguns, plus there’s a retention strap to secure the gun. The strap can also be tucked in for a faster draw.

Velcro and lace style waist holster
Velcro and lace style waist holster

The specially designed support system is typically sewn into corsets for optimal staying power and support. The bones are incorporated into side strips on each side of the holster helping to eliminate sagging for larger and heavier firearms. There’s cushioned 3/16″ padding and a Polyurethane Laminate moisture proof barrier between your gun and your body. Hidden Heat Lace measures 5″ wide in the back and tapers to 4″ wide in the front. It’s ambidextrous for right or left handed ladies and secures with an 8″ Velcro adjustable closure.

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