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I don’t hand load the PTR 91

PTR-91 Outside Of Tennis Bag

I could also title this article, “I don’t hand load the HK91” but I like to be specific. It’s a PTR 91 GI Model, that is a really good copy of the HK91 battle rifle.

Many know I carry this rifle as a “truck gun”. What I lose in manual of arms and appropriateness for the CQB role, I pickup in punch and effective range. But mainly punch.

So why don’t I keep the 5.56 SCAR 16 in the truck?

Frankly, sometimes I think I should. Like today. I am far, far from home and we all just spent 10+ hours trying to figure out how many jihadi shooters there were in Munich? The authorities practically shut down a city of 1.3 million people because of one crazy shooter: orders to shelter in place, mass transit halted, train terminals evacuated, orders to NOT drive your car. Not good.

But even I, as well trained and capable as I am, realize that in such situations I am more likely to be shot by the good guys “trying to help” than actually helping. Especially running around carrying a long gun! So grabbing a tennis bag out of the back of my truck and hauling ass to a private and defensible position is my “go-to plan”. And it should be yours too.

But statistically, I am more likely going to use the PTR to put down a 4 legged animal than a 2 legged one. So the 308 doesn’t hurt when the likely target can range from 60# to 300#. Gotta keep it real.

So why am I talking about Munich, Truck Guns, or “bug-in” plans when the title of this article is “I don’t hand load the PTR 91”?


Every time something pops off in the news and concerned people start to consider having options besides their personal CCW, it is inevitable someone will want to know what load do I use for the PTR?

Dude! It’s a HK91/G3/PTR! Have you seen what the chamber does to the brass after firing? I don’t run a truck gun as a precision rig. It’s a zero-100 yard hammer. That’s it. Deer. Jihadis. Cars. Sheetrock. Glass. I keep it loaded with 147 ball ammo. But if you must run match ammo, here are photos of super-nice PPU 168 match fired through it.

For my purposes that’s a waste of money and effort.



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