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I Got Shot Down

Blaser R8 barrel. J. Sip & Sons. 300PRC. GRS Ragnarok Chassis.
Blaser R8 barrel. J. Sip & Sons. 300PRC. GRS Ragnarok Chassis.

It’s been a cold week. And I gambled by going to one of the public gun ranges. It paid off: Nobody was there. Why? Recreational shooters don’t generally shoot in adverse weather. Especially the cold. 

The project today:

  • Barrel: Blaser R8 by J. Sip & Sons.
  • Chassis: GRS Ragnarok 
  • Caliber: 300PRC.
  • Ammunition: Custom loads Steve’s Guns & Ammunition. 
  • Bullet: Hornady 212g ELD-X
  • Purpose: First shot function and grouping. 
  • Range: 100 yards. 
  • Rounds Fired. 1+5.
  • Results: 1.43 MOA. 

Analysis: This was my first exposure to 300PRC. For those unfamiliar, it is a round that lives between 300WM and 338LM. So…think of it as a long range target cartridge. Which is exactly what it was designed for. 

The 1.43MOA group is obviously my failure. Realistically I shoot around .4ish MOA. On a really, really good day I am in the .3’s. But it’s not something I can serve up on demand. Once in a while lightening strikes and I can put up a .25 MOA. But like I said, that’s a lightning strike. 

So what happened? The first shot did me in. I wasn’t accustomed to the recoil impulse of the rifle. So after the first bang, I stiffened up my hold. Which…means I had 4 followup shots inconsistent with the first. 

Which is exactly what is shown on paper. And for those asking, the 4 shot group measured out to .41MOA. Which is in the zone for me. But alas, this is a 5 shot group so officially it doesn’t count. But that info is enough to be constructive. 

Finally: Steve’s ammo comes with a test target of .128 MOA at three shots. All of which were done with this exact barrel.

The good news is the J. Sip & Sons Blaser R8 barrels are highly accurate. Now I just need to step it up and see if I can close the gap some. 

More work to do. 






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