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Indiana State Police Pistol Qualification Test
Indiana State Police Pistol Qualification Test

So Freeze and I needed to do a shakedown of The Pit. In particular we decided to shoot the Indiana State Police Handgun Qualification. This video is a little long, but hopefully you spot a new entertaining nuggets during your viewing. 

Special note: When you shoot these types of drills, it is best to write an abbreviated outline of the parameters. Stage 1 this. Stage 2 that. If not, you run the risk of turning the session into a math class word problem. Where you spend more time trying to figure out what they want instead of solving for the X-ring. 

See what I did there? 😉

But don’t kick the state too hard. Lawyers have to write out the quals this way. If they don’t, some podunk PD will find loopholes and shortcuts to game the drill and deviate from the spirit of the test. 

Final thoughts: This drill is a relatively new standard for Indiana. And the more I think about it, the more I respect it. Here’s why. This is not really a tactics qual. Newsflash for the civilian reader, most quals are NOT tactical in nature. But it does highlight come basic tactical concepts like good use of cover and scanning. 

The real meat and potatoes of this drill is a liability check. Every city, town, village and county has to carry liability insurance for their officers. And by their very nature, officers are many times not shooting defensively. They are offensive. Running towards the sound of gunfire. 

This test establishes a good baseline for legal liability. Officer X and Deputy X both passed this qual annually or semi-annually. They each have an acceptable mastery of quick engagements at close range, and accuracy at extended ranges. Enough so that an insurance company will underwrite them carrying a gun in public. 

It will be entertaining to read the comments from the weekend warriors and mall-ninja commandos who will invariably move the tactical needle towards some fantastical Rambo style scenario to pump themselves up and tear everyone else down.

Doubly so when I know 80% of this nations CCW holders could not pass this test 3 times with a service pistol. And even less with whatever pocket-rocket they think can hold off the entire North Vietnamese Army. 






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