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Iraqi Federal Police — Wasting US Tax Dollars

Iraqi Federal Police Forces with crazy AR carry handle on top of AK rifle.

This image was sent out as a PR release this week. It shows Iraqi Federal Police on a training cycle. Looking closely I can only hope these are cadets. Not that it matters much either way.

Now before I get too deep into the snark, we have to admit the following maximum from the United States Marine Corps: “Don’t send a Marine where you can just as easily send a bullet”. The point being let the other guy eat it before our guys have to take a bite of the shit sandwich. We all get that.

Iraqi Federal Police Forces with crazy AR carry handle on top of AK rifle.

Now for the snark…

It’s March of 2018. We have been in Iraq in one form or another since 2003. That’s going on 15 years. FIFTEEN YEARS!!!! For 15 years we have been sinking blood and treasure into that shit-hole part of the world only to, “pull out of Iraq” in 2012.

How’s that working? You think these Federal Police Troops are being trained by local officials? Horse crap. We’re still there. Our military advisors and trainers are still there. And our government contract trainers are still there.

Blood and treasure.

Just incase you think I am being too critical of one photo? Taken in one fleeting second? Of cadets? Out of context? As representative of 15 years of US effort? Here is a photo taken in July of 2017 of Iraqi Federal Police fighting ISIS in the Old City section of Mosul.

Iraqi Federal Police fighting in Mosul. July 2017. Note Croatian VHS-2 rifle and the expert qualifying sighting style. Obviously he covering a reload. But it begs the question. Is the LMG firing in the same manner when he’s up?

You see that fancy late generation FAMAS rifle? That’s being fired like a hill-jack? Who ultimately do you think paid for that? The rifle and the world class training? The French government donated it? Or did “NATO pay for it”? Cough..cough…the United States.

As I wrap this article up, I find my anger somewhat assuaged by the above truism, “Don’t send a Marine where you can just as easily send a bullet”. At least I can sleep at night knowing that good men and women, American Patriots, aren’t being put into harms way to fight these people’s battles…OH WAIT!!!!!

US Marines have been slaying it in theater. You know…since we “pulled out” in 2012. I wonder if they have a Status of Forces (SOF) Agreement? Because…that is the reason Obama gave for us leaving.

15 Goddamn years. Fighting for people that frankly aren’t worth one American life. And one American dollar. And by 2021 there will be folks who graduated as boot Privates in 2001 who will be eligible for full military retirement with 20 years of service.

Entire careers fighting the same people, on the same ground, listening to the same excuses as to why these folks don’t take care of their own shit.




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