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Is My Lite Trigger Drop-Safe? 

Will my Blaser trigger pass the drop test?

Last week there was a big dust up in PRS circles over super light triggers and negligent discharges.

Without getting too deep in the woods on PRS, it made me wonder? Is my trigger drop safe? Or maybe more appropriately bump safe? There is a bump-stock joke writing itself in the previous sentence. But I digress. 

So after researching what the average trigger pull is in PRS, I figured I would test mine to see if it would ND. 

Since I’m not a complete fool, I switched to the 338 Lapua barrel that does not currently have a scope attached. 

According to some information I was able to glean online, it seems this test is conducted at 3 feet.

I’m glad to report that my rifle passed. It has a factory 2 pound 15 ounce pull. But is adjustable should the user desire.

I have never touched the set screws. And likely never will. I’m very happy with this rifle.






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