I think “rigged” is a bit too strong and maybe misleading. I do not believe there is any concerted attempt by those who run boards of elections to create a bias, to “rig” the election.


But, the Founders of the USA believed, and stated, that the system depended on an “informed electorate” making their choices as free people.


So, the question is, can we say there is an “informed electorate” when the media is clearly biased in favor of one candidate, when media coverage is slanted to attack one candidate and protect the other from criticism?


Is it being “informed” when polls are done, less to assess opinion than to create it and direct it?


Can people make “informed choices” when paid agitators are sent out to disrupt candidate appearances to give a perception of that candidate contrary to reality?


Is it a fair system when one party has agencies hired that register long lists of the dead with fraudulent signatures, when illegal residents are encouraged to vote, or when people are bussed to several voting places to get them to vote multiple times?

All these things are happening in the USA, and happened in past elections.



The US has a tradition of accepting election results with grace. That has been a good thing. But that will disappear if the people lose their faith in the system because of this manipulation.



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