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Is This a 2011?

EDC X9 - Is this a 2011
EDC X9 - Is this a 2011

The Wilson EDC X9 series of guns, while being double-stack 1911’s, are NOT 2011s. 

  • The gun is smaller than a 2011.
  • The gun is designed differently than a 2011.
  • The gun does not use 2011 magazines of any generation. 


So no. If you have a 2011 and are looking to make the switch to the Wilson X-Fame guns? Your 2011 mags are a no-go. Even if your 2011 is chambered in 9mm. 

The X-Frame series of guns use a modem, 9mm focused, mag tube that is much smaller than what is found on your 2011. 

This is one of the significant factors contributing to the slimmer grip of the EDC X9 and X9L. 






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