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Israeli Sniper Stock Replacement

I generally like old wood, but this stock came out very nice.

Those that are regular readers are aware that I have been looking for a decent Israeli 7.62 Mauser for quite sometime. My ultimate goal would be to convert it to a “fantasy” sniper. Something I could bang around with, shoot frequently, but also have as a semi-historical piece.

One of the issues with the Israeli guns is, frankly, the IDF used them. Quite a lot. Even the reserve, rear echelon units trained enough that second line weapons saw many, many rounds down the pipe. The idea of a new, unissued IDF milsurp weapon borders on ludicrous fantasy. So much so that if I ever did see such a thing, I would immediately suspect a fraud.

While the figure of the wood looks good, this is not an expensive rifle stock.
While the figure of the wood looks good, this is not a high-dollar stock.

But I never considered the alternative. Fixing up one yourself. So image my surprise when I ran across a guy who had a new-made stock fitted to his Israeli Sniper Rifle! Just imagine the possibilities: Fresh wood and a new, unfired barrel. That rifle would last the rest of my life.

I guess I will need to start reevaluating my mental pricing of IDF Mausers. One that is falling apart stock wise, I can just replace it.


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