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Jacket Separation.
Jacket Separation.

Doc and I were on the range this summer shooting water jugs. The rounds fired here are Sierra 155g SMK’s out of his 20” SCAR 20s. Range is about 220 yards. 

Jacket separation is a subject I am not going to get into here. As for why, I don’t feel like having the Second American Civil War in the comments section over it. 

Just suffice it to say some schools of thought argue it detracts from penetration on larger / tougher animals (yes). While others argue on medium sized animals; more holes, equals more damage / bleeding (also yes). 

But here’s the rub…

It has been my observation many people who feel very strongly about the subject one way or the other; have little to no experience physically digging rounds out of media, or carcasses, to check accepted assumptions. 

Which is absolutely fine! 

The FBI guys are pretty smart about this kind of stuff. 10% Ballistics gel. Penetration minimums and maximums. Barrier penetration. Auto glass. Drywall. Miami, 1986.  Etc. Their published work is the standard everything else is measured by in the US. You’ll never be wrong on the internet, or at work, repeating those numbers. 

However….find yourself sitting around the fire at hunting camp? I suggest you keep those FBI stats to yourself, and listen more. Bullets do crazy things inside of living things and hunters have seen it all. Literally in living color. 






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