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Jamie Gilt Shot by 4 y/o Son

Jamie Gilt Shot by 4 y/o Son.

Have to be honest. Before this story broke about this incident, I had never heard of this woman. It seems she has been making a name for herself by promoting gun rights for women, moms, or kids or families or something? Not really sure. But she seems to be pro-gun and public about it. Which is great in my book. No problems.

Here is the local news report of the accident.

But like I alluded to above, I have no idea if she is charlatan or saint. I don’t know if she is a “tier 1 operator” or a “Pier 1 operator”. But don’t misunderstand my lack of info as judgement or snark. As I get wiser, I am less and less comfortable with the holier-than-thou line of thinking. While it has a certain level of appeal with the keyboard commandos, it leaves one vulnerable to life’s uncertainties.

Kimber 45.
Kimber 45. Unknown if this is the weapon involved.

Five minutes after I type this article, someone else could very well be writing a similar article about how I unceremoniously added extra holes to my body. In such an event, I would want the author to be as charitable towards me as possible. So I will extend the same courtesy to Ms. Gilt in a blatant attempt to avoid the cosmic hand of Karma from whacking me too hard.

But her accident, and it is an accident, reminds me of a question I first heard posed almost 20 years ago.

“I have a bunch of small kids. All rambunctious boys. What is the safest way for me to keep a gun in the house? Safe, Trigger Lock, Hidden away, etc?”

Notice this is a 45 caliber 1911 as well.
Notice this is a 45 caliber 1911 as well.

The instructor, a grizzled SWAT commander, listened attentively as 3 or 4 people piped up and all added their two cents and suggestions. After the room kind of settled down, all eyes turned toward the instructor and he answered,

“Boxes, bags, safes, locks. They are all the same. Good and bad. But as an experienced professional, SWAT unit member, SWAT commander, and career street cop and father; the only way I can guarantee that a house full of little kids can’t get access to MY handgun is to wear it. Especially at home. All day everyday.”

Holster and pistol author is wearing while typing this at home.
Holster and pistol author is wearing while typing this at home. Today we have more options than ever.

Today, that answer may not seem so outlandish. But back then, it was as revolutionary as splitting the atom. I guess in some circles it still is.


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