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K31 – The Karabiner Model 1931

This K31 Has Matching Numbers. I believe many if not most do.

The Swiss made rifle commonly referred to as the K31 is a straight pulled action rifle that uses a 6 round detachable box magazine. The calibre is 7.5×55 Swiss and has pretty much the same ballistic qualities as the 7.62×51 NATO round.

These rifles are very well built and are considered to be some of the most accurate Milsurp rifle on the market today. This example was manufactured in 1936 and is in excellent condition. The wood itself has some minor rack marks but is as good as one would expect from an 80 year old military rifle.

For those curious, this scope mount is obviously NOT original.

The bluing is a solid 98% plus and has very little noticeable wear. The bore condition is bright and shinny with deep rifling and does not appear to have been shot much and the crown is undamaged.

As with most examples of the K31, this rifle has all matching serial numbers. We could not ask for a better example in the armory.

Now, lets get down to the little details. These rifles were manufactured by Waffenfabrik Bern a government owned corporation. And while they did the final fit and finish, they did farm out production to other companies.

This marking indicates a SIG made receiver as well.

The stock and hand guard and receiver were made by SIG. The barrel was manufactured by Hammerli. It is an interesting example of a fine rifle but I was a bit disappointed that there was no butt plate ID tag.

For the non collector guys out there, the ID tag is a slip of paper with the name and unit info of the person who was issued the rifle. A lot of Swiss rifles have this and collectors love to find this hidden treasure.

The K31 put back together…

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