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Pawn Shop Find — Old German Scope

Trying to focus on the markings and scratches.

One thing I make a habit of doing is to dive deep when presented with a new gun store or pawnshop. I will literally spend a few hours basically cataloging every item in the store. These days, this only happens when I travel.

So while doing my thing in a pawnshop I ran across this old German manufactured scope. It got my attention since it appears “period suspect” as a possible civilian / civilian-military optic from…and I am guessing…1935-50?

The Eye Piece. PECAR Berlin. Made in Germany

I didn’t buy it. I have no idea what it actually is. But for the price, perhaps it would go well on a faux sniper, or older sporterized milsurp that is missing optics?

My point? Don’t just ogle the guns. They see the most traffic. The “deals” may be right under your nose. Just in pieces.


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