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Kimber Rapide 1911 Introduction

Kimber Rapide 9mm 1911
Kimber Rapide Introduction.

Something a little different. As stated before, we are not gear reviewers. The policy is, for lack of a better phrase, “If we want your $h!t, we’ll buy your $h!t”. 

Crude but true. 

So…did we buy a 9mm 1911 Kimber Rapide? Of course not! A loyal viewer, and good friend, offered to lend it to see what we thought. And not having looked at Kimbers in well over 20 years, I figured why not? 

This video is just my first…first impressions, after getting it logged in. Those would be:

-It’s kinda sharp. 

-The safety is way more positive than Kimbers used to be. 

-And the gold accents really pop for that ever popular, “custom glock” look. 

After that, we’ll see. Stay tuned. I’ll shake it down a little bit. Run some of my standard drills. And then get it back to it’s original owner. Hopefully none the worse for wear. 

So sit back, enjoy the series. And special thanks to “The Kraken” for trusting us with his new gun. 






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