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Long Range Head Shot Work

Long Range Headshot Practice
Long Range Headshot Practice

Let’s be real. This is a low percentage shot in the real world. The target will be moving, innocents around the target will be moving, and there could be a hostage in the sight picture. 

Bottom line: This is a nightmare problem; and taking it is legally dubious outside the most contrived of scenarios. Sounds perfect for the square range, right!

So here is the logic: This is a skill drill. Can you hit a small plate at extended ranges with your handgun? And even worse, with your backup gun? The purpose here isn’t justifying the shot. It’s technically, can you even make the shot?

Fun fact: I used work with a guy who’s PD had an “off the books” BUG gun qualification: Can the officer make a head shot with his BUG at 25 yards? Sure, everyone could carry a department approved BUG. But amongst the rank & file, those who couldn’t make the BUG shot, “sucked”. 

Gets you thinking doesn’t it. The purpose of this unofficial qual wasn’t to make headshots. It was to make officers understand they are expected to own every round fired, even with the pocket-rocket they hate to shoot. Screw the state quals. Screw the department quals. Every officer had a peer-pressure qual: Did they individually, “suck” or ”don’t suck”?

The result was a core group of officers who were motivated to only carry bugs they could make 25 yard head shot with. So in that perspective, my full sized pistol shooting isn’t that impressive.  

Final note: Since I didn’t make every shot, that means in this super-contrived, legally dubious, nightmare scenario described above; I’m not morally qualified to even attempt it on the street. 

Caught me slipp’n. 






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