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Long Term Review – Wilson X9 Mags

Long term review. Wilson X9 magazine.
Long term review. Wilson X9 magazine.

A question came in that stirred up a whole mess of head scratching around here, “Are the Wilson X9 15 round mags more reliable than the 18 round mags?”

Which for me was weird since one, I am kinda known for saying how reliable my X9L gun is. And two, I pretty much only use the 18 round mags. So yeah, they are so reliable that I don’t ever think about the 15 round variants, at all. 

But I know where this is coming from. In the bad old days of the 2011, the biggest kick against the platform was…frankly…the bullshit 2011 magazines. 

And I am not even talking about how stupid fat the mag tubes are for 9mm. Not hardly. Back in the old days, the biggest factor in keeping the 2011 from being taken seriously by the tactical community, was how unreliable and fragile the mags were. 

Mags that had to be “tuned” to your gun. Yes, really. Mags that if dropped even once, there was a better than even chance the entire body had to be replaced. Sometimes the feed-lips would spread just from being loaded for long periods. In short, it was all bad. 

So that begs the question from the 1911 aficionados. How unreliable (read fucked up) are the Wilson, double-stack magazines? In a word, they are fantastic! I’ve never had it so good with with any 1911/2011 magazine. 

They are so good, I don’t even consider buying 15 rounds mags. For me, it’s 18 all the way. Buy with confidence. 







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