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There were a lot of suppressors at SHOT Show this year and if the American Suppressor Association can get the Hearing Protection Act passed and remove them from the NFA, then owning a suppressor won’t be the paperwork hassle it is right now.

The new SEG Micro Suppressors are almost half the length with most of the suppression of many full size cans. By popular demand this year they’re releasing new SEG Suppressor Ammunition developed to meet the demands of subsonic ammunition using premium components for superior performance.  SEG uses 100% lead free Maker Bullets  that hit hard and expand in FBI ballistic gel.

SEG Subsonic Ammunition.
SEG Subsonic Ammunition.

Specialty Arms released its .22/.17 Rimfire Suppressor line. The units are very lightweight, effective and economic. Specialty Arms also teamed up with the folks at Froglube to factory pretreat all of their suppressors to give you all the benefits of Froglube including easy clean up!


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