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m1 carbine paratrooper
M1 Carbine Stock Folded

I have spent a lot of time carrying heavy rifles up big hills. One doesn’t have to walk more than a few hours to appreciate smaller and lighter options. While I was at Camp Perry this summer, I ran into 3rd party, aftermarket M1 Carbine Paratrooper stocks:

m1 carbine paratrooper
M1 Carbine Stock Camp Perry 2015

I have never personally owned a M1 Carbine and have very little experience with them. But I am old enough to be amazed that all of the aftermarket parts and products for them now. Back in the day, it was original GI or nothing. You got what you got. But now it seems like there is more interest in the rifle. And some even make the observation that the M1 Carbine is a GREAT rifle for beginners. Low recoil. Lite weight. Easy to handle. And…there is even modern self-defense ammunition available for the little sucker!

So…I have casually been keeping an eye out for a deal or something interesting to come along. I guess it’s fair to say that under the right circumstances, a M1 Carbine is on my mental To-Buy-List. So…when I saw these stocks, my interest was immediately piqued! And it appears they even make a synthetic stocked version if one so desires.

m1 carbine paratrooper
Synthetic Folding Stock for M1 Carbine. How cool is that?

A synthetic stock is not my first choice for this carbine, but I can see where in some applications it would be a good idea. Maybe a camp-gun or truck-gun? Little Johnny’s first “big-boy” centerfire? Swap out the wood for a few years and let him learn on the plastic? The possibilities are endless. Combine it with some milsurp ammunition from CMP and maybe this project will finally come to fruition?

And then…the wheels fell off. I noticed the price.

m1 carbine paratrooper
$225 for a M1 Carbine Folding Stock???!!!! WTF?

What in the actual hell? $225 for a stock? Look, some will pay that. I won’t. And those that know me are fully aware that I am willing to spend some serious coin on firearms. Not only serious, but bordering on insane. I am literally THAT-guy. Dealers see me coming. But the juice needs to be worth the squeeze! How much money will I have tied up in this project? And it’s not even a “real” M1 carbine or Paratrooper! It will always be a, “fake”.

And just like that, in a flash, the dream was gone. I took a pic, shook my head, and kept walking. As I suspect most did. Maybe one day I will find a used one on the secondary market? And that guy can take the hit for it not being real. But I’ll be damned if I’m going to drop that kind of coin for what is basically a child’s plinker.

I realize my last statement will get a rise out of some corners. “It’s not really a child’s toy”, they will argue. But it’s not a service-rifle now is it? And the price needs to reflect that. Until they do, this segment of the gun market will continue to founder.




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