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Manurhin MR-88 First Shots

Manurhin MR88 First Shots
Manurhin MR88 First Shots

So…today was the day to take out the Manurhin MR88 revolver. It’s a French police model that was brought into the US as surplus. 

For the revolver minded folks, you can see the obvious Ruger GP100 heritage. That can be attributed to the fact Ruger and Manurhin did work jointly on the handgun. 

As for the specifics about who made what? Frame, barrel, cylinder etc? I see conflicting reports. So we won’t attempt to take a stab at it here. 

Just know it’s 6-shot. 38 Special. Can be fired DA or SA. Stainless steel. And it arrived from the importer very dirty. 

But here’s the really good news. The price was good. The action works great. The trigger seems quite good. And the bullets fly true to their targets. 

As demonstrated here on the falling plate rack. 

So why this over any other revolver? I can’t make that argument and you shouldn’t either. That’s some gun forum nonsense. 

If the good folks in France can’t or won’t buy these surplus? Gun loving, freedom exercising Americans will. And to date, we have bought every single one that has hit our shores. 

Every one. 

Why? I suspect the appeal is the same for all of us. It’s just neat to have a Manurhin in the armory. Not a firearm name one sees everyday around these parts. Buy with confidence if the price is right. 

Sold handgun. 






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