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Retired Martial Arts Patches.
Retired Martial Arts Patches.

We are going through some old boxes and making room in the armory for some new projects. And in that process, we came across some of my old martial arts uniforms. 

Looking back, I probably started taking martial arts classes in the mid 1980’s. And kept up with it full-time until well into the late 1990’s. 

But by then I was getting paid to not fight, break-up fights. For real. Thus leading me down a professional path less traveled buy. 

So looking at these uniforms as I was about to throw them away, it just felt wrong to toss the American Flag. So I cut it off. After that it just seemed easy to cut all the patches off. 

I’ll toss them into the boxes where my belts and other Asian martial arts documents are. If I recall correctly, I earned a second degree black belt. Which in itself is astounding. Getting our black belts was a big deal back then. And took an average of 4 years of full time study. Now I’m not even sure what rank I was? 

Is that a good thing or a bad thing? I have suspicions that might be bad. 






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