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Maybe I’ll Do a Retro Build

Surefire M500a Weapon Light
Surefire M500a Weapon Light In the box.

So Doc was cleaning out some old gear and offered it to The Armory. One thing that caught my eye was an old style Surefire weapon light. Which is weird since I don’t usually like sub-par flashlights. 

Surefire M500a Weapon Light
Example of a “retro” gun.

But with the growing interest in “retro rifles”, maybe we should build one while we can. You see, back when I was young all AR-15’s were formatted with triangle hand guards and A1 stocks.

Surefire M500a Weapon Light
Original box.

Fast forward about 20 years and all the cool-guy AR-15’s had Surefire M500 series weapon lights on board with 16” barrels. What was then State-of-the-Art has now become retro and borderline quaint. 

I see fixed carry handle AR’s being surplussed by PD’s every week. Now we have an excuse to pick one up. 





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