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Milt Sparks Holster

Milt Sparks 1911 Holster
My old 1911 Holster - Milt Sparks OWB. Leather.

I have decided I need to shoot some 1911 drills drawing from 3 o’clock concealment. The reason being I feel more viewers who are interested in shooting drills practice that way. 

So…back in the dark ages, I used to run a Milt Sparks OWB leather holster. Not all the time. But back then, it was one of the better options. I can’t tell you how many hours and days I carried a 1911 in this rig. But it was quite a bit. Soaked it more than once in rain storms as well. 

Looking at it now, I don’t think all that use is obvious. But admittedly I am not a fan of leather to begin with. So perhaps the leather-kinks will see things I do not. Is this holster worth anything these days, or is used leather like used underwear? 

Hell! I don’t even know what model this holster is. Milt Sparks doesn’t currently show a rig configured quite like it. Attached are some of the markings on the back. Anyone have any info?





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