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More Holster Cracks Discovered

Cracked JM Custom Kydex holster.
Cracked JM Custom Kydex holster.

Been sitting on this for a while, but I might have mentioned it on the podcast. My daily CCW AIWB holster that had a crack in it. Well, I discovered more cracks on Sept 24th. 

These cracks are pretty serious and appear to be migrating towards another crack. The final result will be complete structural failure and the shell falling apart. 

We didn’t mean to sit on this info, it’s just we have been too busy dealing with our range work to post about the issue. I also am specifying the date since I think it might be important in collecting data. 

JM Custom Kydex Cracks
These cracks and their location is much more serious than the next.

I haven’t run down the actual dates, but on cursory glance it appears I am getting about 2 years out of AIWB kydex rigs before  significant failure. This happened with 2 of the Keeper’s Concealment rigs and it seems like the same thing has happened here with the JM Custom Kydex product. 

Now, before everyone gets all ass-hurt on the internet; let me head you all off at the pass…

JM Custom Kydex Cracks
The initial crack I detected by accident.

At this point I am starting to accept that, perhaps, I can personally get 2 years out of a AIWB kydex rig. And I mean personally. Two factors to consider: 

  1. Some guy saying he has X,Y or Z brand of rig and never had an issue so his pet make is good to go. Or these two makes are “junk” are probably not objective observations. Here’s why…
  2. Not being harsh or mean, but unlike most people in the “gun industry”, I don’t sit on my ass all day. Yeah, I am in front of a computer right now typing this. But as soon as I am done, I am hitting the weight room, working in The Armory, and then reconfiguring our range tractor for tomorrow’s schedule. This doesn’t include live fire and dry fire I regularly engage in. Which tends to be more than most in the “gun industry”. 

So…as you read this article, consider your use case. Firstly do you work a basic 9-5, 40 hour work week in an office environment? Most of you do. And if yes, the truth is all of these holsters would probably work 100% for you…forever. So don’t get all wrapped around the axle with hyperbolic brand-flag flying. 

With that is out of the way, it’s time for me to take a long, hard look in the mirror. This is the 3rd “high end”, “good to go” AIWB rig I have completely destroyed carrying & training with full time.

As much as I don’t like saying it, there is a real possibility I am the bad guy here. I’m the one with a problem. The olde, “It’s not you, it’s me”. 

AIWB rigs for me are consumables. And right now, the data says I can expect to get somewhere around 24 months out of one. Plan accordingly. 






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