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Mosin Dragoon

Most people that are into the Mosin game know about the Mosin Nagant M91. Like most earlier milsurp rifles produced before WW1, they are long. The M91 rolled in at a whopping 51 1/2 inches overall, and had a 31 1/2 inch barrel. As time progressed and the Soviets modernized their long guns they rolled out the 91-30.

Ex-Dragoon Left Side

It was a bit shorter at 48 1/2 inches overall. Now that we are on the same page with long guns lets talk about the Mosin Nagent M91 Dragoon. It was a rifle that was made for the mounted infantry. They realized that being mounted, they needed something smaller so they made the M91 Dragoon 2 1/2 inches shorter. In theory, that helped. As the 1930’s rolled around and the advent of the M91-30 which was even shorter. They realized that the Dragoon no longer had an advantage. So in typical Soviet fashion, they sent them to the arsenal and reworked them into M91-30’s.

Ex-Dragoon Right Side

From a collectors point of view, they tend to be desirable because its a variation and all good collectors want and need variety. So, how does the home gamer decide if he has a M91-30 Ex-Dragoon sitting in a corner gathering dust. There are a couple easy ways to determine this.

Dragoon receiver marking.

First. Look at the barrel length. The Dragoons barrels were cut down but they are still about a 1/2 inch longer than the average M91-30.

Date Code

Second, Look at the rear sight. The sight base will have gaps in the corners due to the difference between the M91 and M91-30 site base. The squared off M91-30 sight will leave a void (see pics)

Dragoon Rifle rear Sights

Third, Look at the markings. A true Ex-Dragoon will have a hex receiver opposed to a round receiver and be pre-1930 dated.

Dragoon Bolt Open

The example we have in the armory is a Hex receiver with markings for the Izhevsk Ordnance Factory 1919-1928. Ours is dated 1924. The receiver tang marking has the Izhevsk Bow and Arrow proof that was used pre-1928 and of course is dated 1924.

Mosin Dragoon

Like most Mosins that have been arsenal reworked, it has they typical box proofs showing it has been reworked and any ex-Dragoon should have these. If you have a pile of old Mosins, you may want to check on them to see if you have one. It’s an interesting variation and they do command a premium price over the standard M91-30.



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