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Mossberg 590 On The Tailgate

Mossberg 590
Mossberg 590. Somewhat modified over the years.

Still running the Plinking Around series and broke out my trusty old Mossberg 590. While there is nothing special about a Mossberg, this is probably the firearm I have owned the longest out of all the guns in the reference collection. 

Mossberg 590
L3 -Insight forend. I am certain there are better options out there these days.

Haven’t given it too much thought, but it seems every firearm I could have owned before the Mossberg has either been sold off or stolen (sad but true). 

As you can tell, this gun has been somewhat modified and changed throughout the years. I believe we still have the original parts packed away in The Armory, but right now that would be near impossible to find. 

Mossberg 590
Maker’s marks. Don’t understand why they are this shallow. I bought the gun new.

Long term, I will definitely be wanting to upgrade to a more modern side-saddle configuration.  And perhaps look at what lighted fore-end options might be available in 2024. 

So here it is. Are you are Mossberg pump guy or a 870 guy? 






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