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Mountain Mike European Skull Mount

Freeze decided the original looked too much like plastic so some matt and clear to clean it up.

I decided that my 2015 buck really wasn’t big enough to justify doing a full mount. So after discussing with Freeze, we decided to do a European skull mount. As I type, the rotting skull in tied down in the back 40 waiting for mother nature to do it’s microbial magic.

But that got Freeze to thinking. He told me about a product called “Mountain Mike” that sells synthetic deer skulls so all you have to do it attach the antlers.

Seeing that gleam in his eye, I know it wouldn’t be long until I received the phone call, “Hey! Tell the accountant that we bought a plastic deer skull off the internet. I want to test it out and show the readers”.

So begins the process. Included are pics from Freeze’s 2015 11-point buck and his Mountain Mike project. And yes, that is Rust-oleum paint!

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