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M&P Shield 9 Plus review.
M&P Shield 9 Plus review.

Doc has picked up a new CCW pocket rocket: The M&P Shield Plus 9mm. It has a capacity of 13+1, but doesn’t seem fat in the hand. 

In my hand, the gun seems controllable and recoil manageable. More firepower is always a good thing. And while I personally don’t care for “pocket rocket” guns, I can see the appeal. If the S&W Shield was already a gun I invested in, upgrading to one of these is a no-brainer. 

Caveat: Assuming there is no catastrophic failure or development down the line with this model. No reason to suspect there will be. But I am NOT a gear reviewer and you saw my first, and last shots of this gun on video. 

Doc brought the gun. I shot the gun. I liked the gun. Beyond that, don’t use this video as a justification for your buying decisions. Why? I don’t care enough about pocket rockets to pay attention to the segment. Look elsewhere for informed opinions on these type of pistols. 





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